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RTMworld VIP Imaging Expo

RTMworld VIP Imaging Expo

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RTMworld VIP Imaging Expo 2024

The RTMworld Imaging VIP Expo, organized by Comexposium Recycling Times (C-RT) and with the support of its regional partners, is an upgraded VIP opportunity for importers and big buyers to meet suppliers of printers, copiers and supplies.

While using the traditional exhibition style as a footprint for face-to-face meetings, this professional, intense, one-day VIP event (in each city) focuses on the needs of regional markets and suits busy entrepreneurs and business people—both the suppliers as well as the buyers.

Attendees must be invited to attend and can apply for a free ticket on the form above or by contacting the organizers (see below). Professional buyers who can import products can obtain tickets or invitation letters to this intense, product-revealing event.

A ticket also allows visitors to participate for free (thanks to sponsors) in a lunch and/or cocktail event with regional awards presented to local industry leaders.

Suppliers are also available the day after the hotel-staged event to follow up with meetings and enquiries with buyers who want more information.

In 2024, the VIP Expo will be held in three cities in MEA in April and another three cities in the Americas in June.

RTMworld VIP Imaging Expo–MEA 2024mea moments

RTMworld VIP Imaging ExpoThe VIP Expo will return to the Middle East and Africa in April 2024 after a four-year hiatus. This time the VIP Expo will be held in three vibrant cities: Dubai, Nairobi and Lagos.

Visitors will have the unique opportunity to engage with local and China-based suppliers and to arrange private meetings at their warehouses.


  • April 17-18 · Dubai, UAE
  • April 23-24 · Lagos, Nigeria
  • April 29-30 · Nairobi, Kenya

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RTMworld VIP Imaging Expo–Americas 2024Americas-moment

RTMworld VIP Imaging ExpoUsing the most successful roadshow expo model—trialed in Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Mexico City and Bogota in 2019 and 2023, the VIP Expo will make its return to the Americas in June. This time the VIP Expo will revisit to Sao Paulo, as well as venture into two other cities where it has never been before: Santiago and Lima.

Building on the past successes, the VIP Expo aims to bring together industry professionals, exhibitors, and buyers from across the region for an immersive event over 10 days. With its expanded presence in these dynamic cities, the VIP Expo promises to create new opportunities for networking, business collaborations, and market insights.


  • June 10-11 · Santiago, Chile
  • June 13-14 · Lima, Peru
  • June 18-19 · Sao Paulo, Brazil

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