10,000 Memories Break World Records

In order to remind people of the joy of preserving memories with hard copy photo prints, HP has launched a Reinvent Memories campaign in Poland.

Polish consumers were invited to upload and share their favorite memories. The campaign culminated at a “printing party” where all participants were invited to print their memories out on the DeskJet 3700—which HP claims to be the world’s smallest All-in-One printer.

According to newsblog, a total of 10,133 photos were printed, all 4 x 5 inches in size, which is almost one kilometer (or three-quarters of a mile), when placed side by side.

As a result of the campaign, HP set a new Guinness World Record for the longest line of photographs. These photos were then used to decorate a 8.6 meter (26 foot) tall Christmas tree inside of Poland’s Wroclaw shopping mall.

The campaign was not just for fun, but also supported charity. For each memory sent in, HP donated to the Empowering Children Foundation.


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