G&G Rolls Out Patented Gloria Ink for Epson Printers

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Launched in 2023, the 6-color Epson EcoTank L18050 series printer presents cost-effective borderless A3 photo printing that is perfectly suited for design drawing and stunning artwork.

For photo enthusiasts who put priority on color performance and longer durability, G&G has developed its very own patented ink bottle alternatives for use in Epson 057 series with its popular dye-based Gloria ink.

G&G Rolls Out Patented Gloria Ink for Epson Printers

G&G Gloria is a dye-based ink specially designed for photo printing. It delivers a superior range of vivid, expressive colors along with excellent all-weather fastness.

  • Amazing color quality: vivid, delicate, true-to-life

G&G Gloria performs exceptionally well in terms of overall color quality. The new 6-color dye ink solution adds two colors of LC and LM with a super color gamut and vivid color tones, which enables it to satisfy the fussiest of photo enthusiasts. Produced with high-quality color pastes, Gloria’s innovative ink formulation is purer and more delicate than ordinary dye ink.

* The sample sheets are printed on an Epson EcoTank L8050.

  • Improved resistance to fading, longer durability

Many photos and other printed materials will fade if left in the sun, or even just exposed to sunlight over a long period of time. Gloria ink uses highly light-resistant dyes and additives which have been proven to slow down the chemical reaction of the dye color in the ink under light. Therefore, the prints will permanently retain their color gamut and color rendition brightness.

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