Kilider Tackles Abnormal Toner Outlet Cover Issues on Ricoh MP C305/C306/C406

Kilider Tackles Abnormal Toner Outlet Cover Issues on Ricoh MP C305/C306/C406

Kilider, a leading technology-based enterprise, announces a breakthrough solution to address toner outlet cover issues reported by clients using old machines of Ricoh MPC305/306/406. The identified problem arises when the toner outlet cover cannot be closed properly, leading to complications during toner cartridge replacement.


Client Feedback Reveals Challenges

Clients have reported difficulties in closing the toner outlet cover and instances where the head cap becomes stuck during the toner cartridge removal process. This issue results in toner spillage into the machine, complicating cleaning processes and posing a risk of contaminating internal electronic components. The accumulation of residual toner has also been linked to machine malfunctions, including code skipping and operational failures.

Root Cause Analysis and Innovative Solution

After thorough testing and verification of the old machines (MP C305/306/406), Kilider’s engineering and technical team identified the root cause as the thin design of plastic parts used to close the toner outlet cover, leading to material breakage and loss of control of the spring in severe cases.


To address these issues, Kilider has designed and developed toner cartridges with independent technology. The technical team has incorporated innovative features, including the addition of springs to the toner outlet cover, enabling automatic rebound, and strategically placed bones on the head cap. These design enhancements ensure that the toner cartridge remains securely in place, preventing automatic ejection due to the rear thrust of the spring.

The improved toner cartridge not only resolves issues arising from the aging of old machines but is also seamlessly compatible with newer models.

Product Specifications:


Commitment to Innovation and Quality

As a technology-driven company, KILIDER emphasizes continuous research, innovation, and the cultivation of high-tech talent. Rooted in a “people-oriented” corporate culture, the company places significant importance on talent acquisition, equipment investment, and the protection of independent intellectual property rights.

“The path of innovation is endless,” said the spokesperson, emphasizing Kilider’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. The company aims to provide users worldwide with high-quality and high-performance products, delivering consumables solutions that meet the evolving needs of its global customer base.

About Kilider:

Kilider is a technology-based enterprise dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation. With a commitment to people-oriented corporate culture, the company actively invests in research and development, cultivating high-tech talent to provide high-quality consumables solutions globally.




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