Memjet Signs Parts Now in North America

Memjet, the global leader in color printing technologies, has appointed Parts Now as its Printer and Consumables distributor in North America.

Parts Now will be the initial distributor and reseller of Memjet-powered C6010 color printers in the region. The agreement allow Parts Now to supply the OEM’ s consumables, including ink tanks, printheads, parts and refilled ink tanks. Besides printing products, Parts Now will also provide technical support, technical dealer training, warranty desk and administrative dealer support for the devices.

“We embrace Parts Now’s vision for MPS growth and look forward to working with them to expand the Memjet-powered C6010 business in the North American market. Parts Now is a trusted advisor to many MPS dealers in service and repair, and that creates confidence around our new technology platform. They have embraced our authorized ink-tank refill program and are poised to make it real for resellers wanting to improve the profitability for their customers and the environmental footprint of color printing”, says Bill McGlynn, Presidentof Memjet Office.

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