Misleading Information Angers APS

APS Photoconductor Shanghai Co., Ltd. (APS) is angry about false and misleading allegations being made in some places in the media.

Formerly operating as AEG Photoconductor (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.,  APS has asked RT Media to help it address the allegations.

An article published online elsewhere on 26 October 2017 suggested AEG (now APS) to be the patent holder of Canon’s Toner “Dongle Gear” in China and Germany. “Such an allegation is entirely untrue,” a spokesperson told RT Media.


The full, official statement from APS Photoconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd reads:


31 Oct 2017

APS Photoconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (formerly AEG Photoconductor (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.) regrets to find an article published online on 26 October 2017 which suggested that AEG (Now APS) being the patent holder of Canon’s Toner “Dongle Gear” in China and Germany. Such allegation is entirely untrue. APS vehemently denies such misleading publication and reserves all its rights to take necessary action against the author/publisher of the relevant article.

About APS

APS Photoconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd imports world-class technology for OPC manufacturing from AEG, Germany. AEG Optoelectronic Imaging Technology Corp. Ltd. has 40 years of experience in R&D and production of OPC drums. It is one of the leading producers of OPC drums in the world.

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