Online Orders Deliver Holiday Spirit

In the tradition of Thanksgiving, Americans are being urged to help feed the hungry. So Madison-based Parts Now are giving their customers the opportunity to each feed one hungry person three times per day for the next three weeks!

For each online order of more than $400 received at between now and midnight November 27, Parts Now will donate 5%, of the total order amount, to Feeding America. Feeding America will convert every dollar donated into three meals — a full day’s worth of food — so a minimum $400 order will cover the cost of 60 meals.

Mike Cox, Chief Executive Officer of Parts Now, said, “Parts Now always provides a donation on behalf of our customers for the holidays. But this year, we’re doing something extra-special by allowing our customers to be a direct part of the process.” 

The company says that their customers’ donations will help both children and adults who are hungry. Feeding America’s network of food banks provides services to 46.5 million people in need across the United States, including 12 million children and 7 million seniors. Through a network of 58,000 pantries, meal service programs and other charitable food programs, the Feeding America network reaches people in need in every community in the United States. 

“We encourage everyone to share the holiday spirit and make sure there’s food on every table,” Cox says. 




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