Print-Rite 3D Products Make UK TV Debut

Print-Rite Europe has announced the first UK TV show of its products-CoLiDo-is now available on British Create and Craft Channel.

Create and Craft is the UK’s first craft TV channel with supporting website. The 24-hour channel aims at inspiration, education and crafty shopping and has won multiple awards, including Best TV shopping Channel.

The 1-hour long program is hosted by Dean Wilson along with guest star Janice Phillips. Together, they guide viewers through the wide-ranging capabilities of a CoLiDo Compact 3D printer and low-priced 3D pen. The two products can be utilized in crafting market by printing items such as card decorations and gifts. They can also print home décor such as light shades and functional items such as small storage pots. The show also covers CoLiDo 3D printers in action and interviews of the company stuffs and 3D printers.

The video is now available at Create and Craft. Both CoLiDo Compact and 3D pen are available to buy directly from Create and Craft.

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