Toner Manufacturer Enhances its Manufacturing Capacity by 600 tons

The largest compatible toner manufacturer in India has completed establishment of a new manufacturing plant, adding 600 tons to its total manufacturing capacity.

According to Indian Toners and Developers Limited (ITDL), its new manufacturing plant has been installed in Imagetec Sitarganj, the production branch of the company. It is the sixth production line set up by the company.

The plant will be in full operation at the end of February, 2017, and its commercial production will begin in March this year. With the addition of this new production line, Indian Toners’ entire manufacturing capacity will reach 3, 600 tons.

In 2016, ITDL had invested a solar power generation plant for its in-house power consumption, which shows its dedication to protect social and natural environment. The company also founded a wholly owned subsidiary in the U.S. for satisfying customized orders and huge packaging needs of the American Market last year.

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