Xerox Expands EA Toner Production

Xerox is planning to increase its emulsion aggregation (EA) toner capacity by 40% with the completion of an expansion project absorbing nearly US$35 million.

The OEM said it has invested US$120 million in the plant, mainly in custom manufacturing process equipment. The expansion has increased the plant size from 100,000 square-feet to 155,000 square-feet, and added about US$26 million in EA toner manufacturing equipment. The new manufacturing line and new toner filling line is expected to create about 54 new jobs, including process operators, quality control, lab personnel and additional maintenance staff. The project has also generated about 70 full-time construction jobs over the past 15 months. 

Richard Schmachtenberg, Senior Vice President, Consumables Development and Manufacturing for Xerox, stated, “From the first xerographic image over 75 years ago, Xerox has been reengineering the way people work and expanding this toner plant represents an opportunity to meet the high demand for our innovative solution.”  

According to Xerox, its EA toner is protected by more than 300 patents. Using less toner per page, it produces sharper images. EA toner is chemically developed and allows the size, shape and structure of the particles to be precisely controlled. This leads to improved print quality, less toner usage, less toner waste and less energy required for manufacturing and for printing. Xerox and Fuji Xerox currently have approximately 50 office and production printing products which use EA toner.


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