HP Willing to Break Printers and Ninestar Kept in the Dark

HP Willing to Break Printers and Ninestar Kept in the Dark

HP Willing to Break Printers and Ninestar Kept in the Dark

HP Willing to Break Printers and Ninestar Kept in the DarkIn this bulletin…

HP’s CEO says he is willing to break printers over third-party supplies, and Ninestar continues to be kept in the dark.

These are among the top news stories for January 2024.

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  • HP CEO Willing to Break Customer Printers Over 3rd-Party Supplies

HP CEO Willing to Break Customer Printers Over 3rd-Party SuppliesEnrique Lores (pictured), HP’s CEO, has gone public saying he is willing to break the printers of his customers if they use third-party supplies.

According to Lores, HP has built a lot of IP into the inks, print heads, and printers themselves, and if consumers use third-party supplies, HP will stop their printers from working.

Speaking on CNBC’s Squawk Box TV program, Lores also claimed HP takes back “every” used cartridge to be recycled … and used again.

  • Ninestar Continues to Be Kept in the Dark Over US Bans

Judge Katzmann (pictured) is overseeing China-based Ninestar’s lawsuit against the US government at the New York-based U.S. Court of International Trade. Katzmann said the US government and the court have full access to the government’s documents detailing the banning of Ninestar products in the US.

What has surprised many, however, is Katzmann also revealed that Ninestar has only seen a heavily redacted version of the same documents, leaving Ninestar very much in the dark.

  • Ninestar Achieves Remarkable Uptick in ESG Ratings

Ninestar has welcomed the New Year with the news it has been bumped up to a Triple-B environment, social and governance rating. While valuing the increased rating in the Morgan Stanley Capital International indices, the company recognizes it still has more to do to achieve the top Triple-A rating.

  • Zhono Releases its Progeasy 3.0 Wireless Chip Resetter

Zhono has promised cartridge manufacturers they can increase efficiency while lowering costs by releasing its Progeasy version 3.0 chip resetter. This device uses Bluetooth connectivity, smart touch screens and multi-head technologies to conduct simultaneous resets… wirelessly.

  • Printer News

In printer OEM news, Epson has launched a new desktop photo printer that uses ten pigment inks to give optimal color on paper up to A2 size. And also wanting to meet the demands of the larger than A4 market, Ricoh has introduced its new compact A3 color multi-function printer – the IM C7010. ***

  • CET Stresses Innovation of the Imaging Industry

CET’s president, Steven Ma, has used the company’s 28th birthday celebrations to report a 103 percent growth in company profits despite the tough three years marked by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Ma, technological innovation did not slow down; rather, the company has experienced a burst of new advancements in artificial intelligence.

  • VIP Expo to Bring Disruption in the Middle East and Africa in April

Gustavo Molinatti, RTMworld’s VIP regional expo coordinator, has just returned from meetings with buyers and venue managers in Dubai, Nairobi, and Lagos. He is planning a series of one-day events in April in the three cities for big buyers to meet up with manufacturers and suppliers of printers, copiers, inks, toners, chips, copier parts, and papers.

  • Canon USA Appoints New President

Sammy Kobayashi is the new President and CEO of Canon USA, having been with the company since 1990 in photocopier sales and more recently as President and CEO of Canon Canada. ***

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