Epson Awarded for Corporate Governance

Epson Awarded for Corporate Governance

Epson Awarded for Corporate Governance

Epson proudly announced its nomination as a “Winner Company” in the 2023 Corporate Governance of the Year program organized by the Japan Association of Corporate Directors. This program aims to foster a culture of exemplary corporate governance practices, empowering companies to achieve sustainable growth in the long term.

Epson Awarded for Corporate Governance

Epson bases its values and activities on the core philosophy: extending your vision. This profound purpose serves as the guiding force behind Epson’s unwavering commitment to fulfilling its social responsibilities and aspirations. To achieve sustainable development, Epson continuously works to enhance its corporate governance by ensuring transparency, fairness, and promptness in decision-making.

Epson’s nomination as a “Winner Company” is a testament to its remarkable dedication to presenting innovative and original approaches to fortifying its governance framework. As the majority of Epson’s board of directors are independent outside directors (6 out of 10), Epson stresses the transparency of corporate management and extends several privileges to them. Outside directors can access essential documents pertaining to major decisions, including long-term strategies discussed during management meetings. Furthermore, they can also meet succession candidates through established procedures.

Epson Awarded for Corporate GovernanceThe Corporate Governance of the Year program was initially launched in 2015 as a strategic initiative by the government to stimulate economic growth. Its objective is to inspire companies to continually enhance their corporate governance practices while honoring those who exemplify excellence in this domain.

The 2023 awards ceremony was held at the Imperial Hotel Tokyo in January. For a full list of all the prize winners, please refer to this link.



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