Konica Minolta Announced Financial Results for Q3

Konica Minolta Announced Financial Results for Q3

Konica Minolta Announced Financial Results for Q3

Konica Minolta recently disclosed its financial results for the third quarter of fiscal year 2023, covering the period from October to December. Generally, performance for the third quarter met expectations and indicated steady progress toward the target.

Despite the decline in its revenue and operating profit attributed to the alleviation of order backlogs, cumulative figures displayed growth compared to the previous period. Profit of the office and performance materials segment recorded an increase, while sensing and medical imaging segments experienced decreases.


Financial Overview

Konica Minolta Announced Financial Results for Q3Overall, the trend is similar to the one in Q2. Cumulative revenue for the past nine months reached JPY ¥842 billion (US $5.69 billion), marking an uptick. The normalization of logistics costs, coupled with cost reductions in manufacturing, contributed to the improvement in the gross profit ratio. Although there was a slight slip in sales, this was anticipated due to the boost in sales in office businesses in the preceding period.

Konica Minolta Announced Financial Results for Q3The digital workplace and professional print segments have faced significant challenges since the previous year as a result of declining order backlogs and rising labor costs. However, these were offset by favorable exchange rates, logistical normalization, and reduction in transportation and production costs.


Digital Workplace Performance

Konica Minolta Announced Financial Results for Q3Regarding the digital workplace segment, office hardware sales accounted for 85% of the previous year’s sales, or 112% if the impact of order backlogs is eliminated. Similarly, non-hardware sales were respectively 96% and 98%, generally consistent with last year, except for notable increases in India and Europe. Sales of A3 monochrome models remarkably achieved 100%, while A3 color models reached 81%.

The performance of office solutions was reinforced by the sales expansion to mid-large customer bases and a focus on security and print management during sales activities. Despite market challenges, revenue remained at par with the previous year, thanks to effective cost control measures and expense reductions, including in logistics and air transport.



Konica Minolta Announced Financial Results for Q3Looking ahead to the full fiscal year, Konica maintains its sales, profit, and exchange rate assumptions from the previous forecast. Despite steady progress towards meeting full-year targets, the company remains conservative in risk management, reflecting the importance of maintaining stakeholder trust. Dividend forecasts also remain unchanged at 5 yen per share.

Furthermore, the company adjusts its segment forecasts based on the performance for the first nine months and expectations for the fourth quarter. Increases are projected for the Digital Workplace and Professional Print segments, reflecting their strong performance in previous periods.



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