HYB Elevates Service Vacuum Cleaners with the XC-188 Model

HYB Elevates Service Vacuum Cleaners with the XC-188 Model

Since its launch in 2019, HYB’s service vacuum cleaner has enjoyed remarkable success. This robust machine, renowned for its exceptional performance and portability, has truly transformed the daily operations of technicians in the remanufacturing and manufacturing sectors,according to HYB.


The XC-168 vacuum cleaner, bearing prestigious certifications like CE, KC, and EAC, has not only delivered unparalleled performance but has also placed paramount importance on the safety and satisfaction of its users. This unwavering commitment to excellence serves as the cornerstone of HYB’s enduring success.

Expanding on this strong foundation, HYB, in collaboration with its dedicated R&D team, takes great pride in introducing the upgraded XC-188 vacuum cleaner. This enhanced model is a testament to HYB’s dedication to enhancing product quality and optimizing performance. The XC-188 model boasts several significant improvements, including enhanced motors, increased portability, and a comprehensive set of accessories integrated into a single machine. These advancements are setting new industry standards. With this launch, HYB reaffirms its commitment to innovation and the pursuit of excellence.


Previously, HYB claimed its Service Vacuum Cleaners models HYB-XC-168 and HYB-XC-169 were certified with EAC marking.

According to HYB, the two above-mentioned models were tested, evaluated, and certified to be in conformity with TP TC 004/2011 and TP TC 020/2011 standards.

So far, the HYB Service Vacuum Cleaners models HYB-XC-168 and HYB-XC-169 have been certified by safety and quality standards all over the world such as ChinaKorea, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and European countries.



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