Kilider Releases New Self-Patented Toner Cartridge

Kilider Releases New Self-Patented Toner Cartridge

KiliderAccording to Kilider, the newly launched HP KLD-HP-W1530 toner cartridge is for use in HP LaserJet Tank 1504/MFP1604/2504/MFP2604/2506/2606.

Through continuous development, improvement and repetitive testing, Kilider is proud to offer the patented products as a workaround solution.Kilider claims that the new release has been approved and granted by the State Intellectual Property Office of China ( patent number: 202210474297.X).

Kilider claims that it utilizes imported toner powder, which can be loaded fluently without hurting the machine due to uniform particle size and stable quality. “Graphics and texts are clearly printed, with appropriate density, and the blank area of the document is extremely clean, with strong readability,” said the spokesperson of Kilider.

In order to meet different printing needs, the new release comes up with two versions. The W153X prints up to 5000 pages while the W153H prints up to 2500 pages. “Users don’t have to worry about printing costs,” said the spokesperson of Kilider. In addition, the cartridge is easy-refillable, only taking 15 seconds. “It is easy to operate, environmentally friendly and safe,” said the spokesperson.

About Kilider

As a technology-based enterprise, Kilider has continuously increased its investment in R&D and innovation, while also actively training high-tech talents, taking “people-oriented” as the corporate cultural spirit. The company has always attached great importance to talents and equipment investment, product technological innovation and the protection of independent intellectual property rights. Kilider will maintain the concept of “continuous improvement and innovation”, to provide users with high-quality and high-performance products, as well as better consumables solutions for our customers all over the world.



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