LD Products Launches Dealer Channel Witness Protection Video Series

LD Products Launches Dealer Channel Witness Protection Video Series

LD Products Launches Dealer Channel Witness Protection Video Series

LD Products Launches Dealer Channel Witness Protection Video SeriesLD Products Channel Partner Division has launched a video series based on the comments dealers are making about printer OEM Authorized Reseller Program issues.

This 6-part video series does not promote LD’s award-winning Gold Line Series of new build cartridges but rather brings light to the issues dealers are expressing about the increasing trend of OEM programs that are making dealers vulnerable when sharing end-user information.

Common dealer challenges include:

  • Exposing end-user information to OEM
  • Increasing OEM toner prices
  • OEM security firmware updates blocking aftermarket toner
  • Mandatory and burdensome reporting to the OEM
  • Lack of end-user control

Christian Pepper“Printer OEMs are using their power to unfairly restrict competition, obtain sensitive information from dealers about their customer, and are prohibiting dealers from offering the brand of toner they want to offer,” Christian Pepper (pictured right), President of LD Channel Partner Division remarks, “We’re showing what imaging dealers are saying behind the scenes and exposing the risks associated with the direction OEM Authorized reseller programs are moving towards,”.

The new Witness Protection video series can be viewed on LD’s social media channels, YouTube, and email subscribers.

Interested parties can contact LD Channel Partner Division for more information.

Toll Free: 866-780-9385

Email: cpd@ldproducts.com

About LD Products Channel Partners Division

LD Products’ Channel Partner division offers the Gold Line of Non-Infringing New Build Compatible printer consumables exclusively to qualified dealers.

The Gold Line is engineered in the USA and assembled by contract manufacturing partners in Asia and the USA. Packaging is unbranded, and resellers’ own logos and contact info are applied at the point of sale by attaching a wraparound label detailing a picture of the cartridge inside, product info, and delivery instructions.

The Gold Line features a lifetime warranty and includes hassle-free cost coverage for resellers that must respond to onsite printer repairs caused by a faulty consumable. LD stands behind its products and fully indemnifies its customers in writing for infringement claims of U.S. Patents.



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